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HBK 1210

Automatic Cardboard Laminator

Machine Features

Innovative dynamic aligning, synchronized laminating mechanism: Utilizing the speed difference between the faster conveying and front stopper to advance the moving paper to reach the front stopper, and the sides are synchronized to front stopper. The shifting side stoppers are used to align the two papers during moving. Transmission system: The planet transmission system allows even distribution in power transmission. The whole equipment is in timing belt transmission, free of servicing, low noise and high efficiency.

Low Frames E style desing for the convenience of pallet truck feed paper, railway track loader is available. The newly developed front-top suction feeder, feeding paper speedy and smoothly need no adjustment. Green hand can operate without intensive training. No suction mechanism on the paper stack, offering obstacle operation space. The equipment has been granted with Invention Parent of Taiwan. And is applying patent rights to advanced countries in the world.

Vibro-Loose Collecting mechanism: Capable of loosening the mullet-laid finished products and push neat and ensure smooth collection of paper. E-type holding plate and high speed elevator can rapidly and conveniently pull out the finished products and increase the working efficiency. Electrical calibration of revolving speed and press-length allows easy dimensions switching.

It can press laminated paper in multiple layers, and speed up the revolution with the paper pressed individually. The increase roller set can apply repeat heavy press on the individually pressed thin paper laminated products, to make the finished products even smoother and more perfect. 3 sets dialogue windows: Including man-machine interface, voice alarm and Lamp Indicating PLC. They can detect operation condition, irregularities, maintenance and working record automatically. Selected electric control elements from Europe, USA, Japan and Taiwan incorporated with fine craftsmanship perfect the operation and safety.

Specially designed high precision coating mechanism: The precision of the upper glue roller and glue adjusting roller is less than 0.01m/m, and the minimum glue coating volume can be adjusted to 0.02m/m, and it can be accurately adjusted to different type of papers to ensure even coating of glue. Convenient paper releaser: Releasing the paper from glue roller, also for convenience in dismantle, cleaning and calibration of the glue roller. Delicate Side Glue Stopper: The stopper can rub back the glue to the roller, so that the high-speed roller side will not have glue over-flown. It can also adjust the back flow of glue so to ensure the coating function of the device.

Model HBK 1210
Max. Sheet Size(W×L) 1200×1000mm
Min. Sheet Size(W×L) 450×330mm
Thickness of Upper Paper 100-800g/m2
Thickness of Bottom Paper 180-1500g/m2
Speed of Lamination 7000pcs/h (depend on paper quality)
Laminator Error ±0.5m/m (standard paper hardness)
Total Weight 7000kg
Total Length 12m
Operation Space 3×14m
Power 220v/380v 3~(15hp)   (23kw)
Machine Layout
Local Characteristics

Air pump
Placed next to the machine on the left side of each one. Germany Beck, the air flow adjustment should be depending on the thickness of the paper ,may be characterized by flow statement units Bar

Lifting motor
German SIEMENS motor lift motor, supplemented the original imported Taiwan Leeming vortex Round boxes, and supports dual-stage speed lift, low failure rate, a stable and efficient

Electric application unit
Control the whole machine operation: man-machine interface, voice alarm and signal display PLC program control, can automatically detect the work condition, the abnormal situation. Maintenance status and work records, electronic selection of Europe and the United States, Japan, Taiwan and other components, to the principles of humanity, in accordance with the European CE safety standards, complete planning, meticulous production, make the perfect safety control the machine to do.

Glue coating device
Rubber tire rubber tire and tune in the the special planning high-precision coating mechanism machining accuracy <0.01mm on the plastic coating lowest adjustable up to about 0.02mm. 
Automatic level control: media demand precise adjustment of the amount of coating, to ensure uniform glue.
Adhesive system: slimy wheel and transfer paste of ceramic material of the wheel, than the traditional aluminum roller by chemical glue, no coating peeling and spot phenomenon, avoid frequent replacement of the roller caused by the use of high cost and affect the normal production scheduling.