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Pile Tuner for Flute Laminator

Product Introduction
Pile turner for the fourth-generation in order to achieve the best efficiency for the High Speed Laminator. The machine has been quite mature in the laminating industry. The capacity for using manpower to turn the papers will not be more than four to five thousands sheets per hour. However, to combine the pile turner with laminator, the capacity increases more than 60 percent. It is capable to achieve eight thousands sheets  per hour and save more manpower. The Auto. Pile turner is your best choice to increase efficiency for your business.
Machine Features

>In-Line with Auto. Flute Laminator to collect laminated sheets frontside and backside to avoid curving.

>The automatic operation can achieve manpower-saving and out-increasing by installing pile turner after the laminator. The operator only needs to pull out the stacking papers by normal hand-lifter.

>Auto. pallet changing and paper stacking system makes the laminator produce in the high-speed without stopping the machine to collect the laminated sheets.

>The HMI (Human-Computer Interaction) system is easy to operate. We can check all the data and the mechanical problems during the production by the monitor.

>Suitable for various brands of flute laminator.





Max. Sheet Size



Min. Sheet Size


Max. Speed

Up and down moving 6 times / min

(It depends on the paper quality)

Total Power Required



Machine Layout