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Bag Tube Forming Machine

Product Introduction

The sheet feeding ZB1180AS bag tube forming machine is suitable for various kinds of creased paper, including varnished, laminated and other processing techniques. It is designed to produce bag tubes for high end and luxury goods paper bags.


Equipped with automatic, frequency controlled feeder, side- and front layer systems, rolling gluing system with environmentally friendly water based cold glue as well as Nordson hot-melt gluing system, automatic gusset forming and compaction output unit.


Stable operating at high speeds ensures high quality paper bag tubes, finished on time.

Together with the compaction output unit, the ZB1180AS produces perfect quality paper bag tubes, free of production marks.


Including automatic top folding, using insert pasting joint type, which are patented inventions by us. All of which provides a stronger and safer bag, with a beautiful and premium appearance.


Nordson hot-melt gluing system for side gluing is an option which to ensure fast and strong adhesion.

This is the ideal machine to produce high end paper bags.

Suitable paper
Optional Equipment

Nordson hot melt gluing system for tube side gluing

The machine video


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