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Automatic Paper Bag Making Machine

Product Introduction

The brand new ZB700CT-240 automatic paper bag making machine is suitable for high volume paper bag production with blank or creased sheet paper. Equipped with PLC control, frequency controlled speed adjustment as well as remote control.


Automatic non-stop paper feeding, register/positioning, vertical- and horizontal creasing,

top reinforcement carton gluing and pasting, top folding, side gluing, tube/gusset forming, square bottom folding and pasting, automatic counting as well as compaction output unit, all in one uninterrupted work-flow.


Numerous innovative and patented features provide a unique, cost-saving, high level of automation:


Automatic top folding using insert pasting joint type for a strong, premium bag.


Automatic insertion of top reinforcement carton, saving labor and time to manually insert and glue top reinforcement cartons.


Servo driven adjustment of forming plates is an option to greatly save time and cost by reducing the set-up and change over times.


Bottom folding to edge pasting reverse side for an unbroken side gluing. Premium appearance and robustness for high load carrying capacity.


Standard with Nordson hot melt glue system and water soluble cold glue, this machine is well suited to produce gift- and shopping bags for wine or other bottles, dairy products etc.

Suitable paper
Optional Equipment

The machine video


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