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Automatic Full Stripping Die Cutting Machine

Product Introduction

LH-1050ES in order to meet various request of printing and packing market, we designed 1050ES Automatic Stripping Die Cutting Machine, which is the greatest research and development and manufacturing of new equipment with a higher degree of intelligence.

This machine adopts numerous advanced pneumatic and servo driving processing technology from abroad. After the strict assembly quality control, it has advantage of simple operation and safe reliable.

It could creasing, die cutting and stripping after printing products, such as more than 80g/m2 paper, cardboard, corrugated paper below 4mm, pasting paper, laminating paper and so on.

Good quality and design makes machine work stably and safety when machine’s speed reach 7500 sheets/h. This machine will provide you to enjoy the comfortable operation and faster return on investment.

Machine Features

1. Feeding section

The design of stacker preparatory stage was improved, it could use prepared car sheet piling. Also could use ordinary hydraulic car sheet piling to stacker directly. The machine has four suction nozzles and four sending nozzles in feeder, ensure feed smoothly. Adopt import screw air-blowing device, it could make the sheet send smoothly.

2.Feeding positioning section

The incline-type paper moving table top is more suitable to high-speed thin paper and location. Side location adopt dual purpose side device with pull guide and push guide, accounting to paper choose, it makes switch easier. It could switch front rise position arriving reduction of speed device, it is benefit of thin paper's location.

3. Die cutting section 

The driving gear ensures high speed of die cutting together. The pneumatic locking mechanism and air clutch are fast and stable. The die cutting frame can prevent the die cutting plate from drooping or separating effectively.

4. Stripping section

A triple-interlocked-piece stripping device, action harmony, precision effectively, can effectively remove all kinds of special waste.

5. Delivery section 

Delivery section add tester into security system. It is equipped with inset counter. Using subsection could adjust brush and sheet air-blowing device, so the finished product of delivery section could product stably. Gripper drive train expanded buffer device.

6. Pneumatic Clutch

The imported high quality pneumatic clutch reduces noise and minimizes impact when stopping the machine at a high speed.

7. Lubrication System

With a programmable lubrication system, the accurate control of PLC ensures balanced lubrication of the machine.

8. Air pump

Adopt imported equipment, improve the stability of the machine, low noise, high performance, long service life.

9. Gripper and chain

The grippers are made of special extra hard aluminum alloy, with anode treatment on the surface, ensuring accurate die cutting and embossing, ect. at high speed. The adjustment mechanism, patent design guarantees very accurate control. An imported chain is used for the main gripper transmission, with strength increased by 45% for accurate stability and prolonged life.





Automatic Stripping Die Cutting Machine

Max. Sheet Size


Min. Sheet Size


Max. Cutting Range


Inner Chase Size


Die Cutting Steel Plate Size


Paper Thickness

80-2000 g/mCardboard

Corrugated paper≤4mm

Min. Grabbing-sheet Width


Max. Mechanical Speed

7500 sheets/h

Max. Die Cutting Pressure


Max. Feeding Pile Height


Max. Delivery Pile Height


Total Weight




Total Power


Voltage Requirements

380V 50Hz

Air compressor

0.8Mpa, 0.36m3/min, 3kw

The material of machine: Ductile iron (Nodular cast iron)

Local Characteristics