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Fully Automatic Paper Bag Making Machine (twisted rope handle)

Product Introduction

The brand new, sheet feeding ZB1100S-380 fully automatic paper bag making machine is perfectly suited for high volume paper bag production of various kinds of paper, including kraft paper as well as laminated coated and art paper. It is designed to produce paper bags with or without paper handles (twisted rope handle) or with punched holes instead.


ZB1100S-380 includes in-line

Twisted rope handle from twisted paper ropes and automatic application of paper patch for reinforcement.


ZB1100S-380 can produce three different types of bag top options:

Handle application with top folding and paper patch for reinforcement

Handle application with paper patch for reinforcement, without top folding

Punching holes with top folding and paper patch for reinforcement


Paper patch cutting is servo controlled – easy operation and stable running, no register holes.


Equipped with non-stop sheet feeding, register, creasing, in-line handle making, reinforced paper patch pasting and gluing, top fold / without top folding, with or without hole punching, side gluing, gusset forming, bottom folding and pasting.


Standard with Nordson hot-melt gluing system for handle application and environmentally friendly water soluble cold glue for side gluing.

Suitable paper

Optional Equipment

Nordson hot melt gluing system for bag side gluing

The machine video


Please contact us for machine video.