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Full Automatic Swing Cylinder Screen Press

Product Introduction

    JB series Full automatic Cylinder Screen Press is a kind of automatic flat screen press with high efficiency (more than diploid printing speed over the flat one), high quality (linear touch, more suitable for spot printing), high precision ( usually the precision of overprint is less than 0.10mm), it is suitable for printing in bulk of high precision screen productions. It is suitable for 120-350g materials, especially for paper productions (such as cigarette or wine case, toiletry case, present case, brand, poster, other paper packing production and special fake against materials etc),flower paper, soft plastic etc.

Model JB-720 JB-780 JB-1020
Max paper size 720X520mm 780X540mm 1020X720mm
Min paper size 350X270mm 350X270mm 560X350mm
Max.printing dimension 720X500mm 780X520mm 1020X700mm
Border ≤13mm ≤13mm ≤13mm
Paper thicknes 108-350g/㎡ 108-350g\㎡ 120-350g/㎡
Printing plate dimension 800X880mm 940X940mm 12800X11400mm
Max.printing speed 1000-3600pcs/h 1000-3300pcs\h 1000-3000pcs/h
Weight(about) 3500kg 4000kg 5000kg
Power 6.93kw 6.93kw 11.09kw
Overall dimensions 4050X1810X1480mm 4150X1870X1480mm 4600X2310X1520mm
Local Characteristics
Paper feeder part Paper load part Front guide and side guide
Paper exit part
The machine video


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