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Automatic Embossing & Laminating Machine

Product Introduction
The SA-540Y outperforms many in its class with its unique characteristics and its automatic embossing system.
Machine Features

Model SA-540Y is a creative embossing laminating machine in the market.One machine,two functions,embossing and laminating.It will save your cost and improve your efficiency highly.

1.one machine,two functions,embossing and laminating,save your cost.

SA-540Y is equipped with laminating and embossing functions, which offers different types of applications in one single machine.

2.man-machine interface system.

A user-friendly interface system with a colour touch screen simple operation process .The operator can easily and automatically control paper size ,overlapping and machine speeds.

3.Schneider,Omron Programming System.

The machine is equipped with a servo motor, Schneider inverter and Omron electrics, which ensures for silent and smooth operation at multiple speeds. 

4. Designed for protection.

The automatic document feeder system is equipped wit a misfeed paper sensor; if the paper sheets run our or there is a break in the process, the machine automatically stops to avoid damaging the machine .

Model No. SA-540Y
Max Paper Size 540*780mm
Min Paper Size 210*290mm
Laminating Speed 0-30m/min
Paper Thickness 100-500gsm
Gross Power 17kw
OverallDimensions 2740*1250*1500mm
Weight 1800kgs
Local Characteristics


                       Automatic Feeder                            Schneider,Omron Programming System        

The automatic feeder uses an oil-free vacuum    Ensures for silent and smooth operation   

pump to feed paper sheets into the laminator.    at multiple speeds.


                       Anti-curl Device                                                                     Air Shaft                           

The machine is equipped with an anti-curl          A clutch in the air shaft is used to adjust the film   

device to avoid the curling of paper during         release  delay and speed of the laminating film.


Optional Equipment

Automatic Stacker (optional)