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Roll to Roll Slitting Machine

Machine Features

1. Unwinding is heavy hydraulic material without shaft, clamp the material, translating material; applicable 3 or 6 inches.

2. Unwinding with automatic constant tension system.

3. Unwinding with automatic electro-pneumatic conversion, pneumatic brakes.

4. Using curved roller commence scheduled to open the device. (Make sure do not undercut)

5. The machine using 7.5 KW inverter-drive. Nanjing 7.5KW inverter motor.

6. Using Toupie (Japan) digital line speed, smart meter counting settings, and stop machine.

7. The upper and lower circular knife cutting device, heavy knife up and down the shaft, up and down round knife structure.

8. Winding two single-axis winding roller surface, the paper cited under way.

9. Rewinding apply 3 inches air shaft.

10. The cutting part of all axes synchronous transmission.

11. Super-hard wear surface of the guide roller HV700.

12. Drive roller is wear-resistant rubber, electroplating.

13. Winding wall thickness of40 A3 sheet and square tube structure made.

14. Hydraulic automatic unloading.

15. Switches low voltage electrical, pneumatic parts, bearings were of excellent brands, petrol stations and body in Taiwan.


 Paper weight

45-200gsm paper

 Max. width of paper roll


 Max. speed:

200m/min( according to the paper)

 Max. weight of unwinding


 Max. diameter of unwinding


 Max. cutting width


 Min. cutting width


 Unwinding precision


 Total power

AC380V four lines about 8KW

 Air pressure


 Machine size


 Machine weight